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There are no key-reports or studies at European level to map out the competence needs and skills necessary for cluster organisations and cluster managers towards the so-called Clusters 4.0, high level clusters that give added-value services to their members in relation with Industry 4.0

The first intellectual output of the Cluster4Smart project therefore analyses the current knowledge and needs in European clusters today as they are transforming into Clusters 4.0. A study was prepared on the results available to us regarding competences and abilities needed by cluster managers. The idea was to identify the gaps in their mission to improve their clusters and give better services to their partners related to (1) entrepreneurship, (2) internationalization and (3) Industry4.0. In a second step the researched, described and analysed skill-maps have been verified by cluster managers and stakeholders through a primary survey prepared for the project.

At the end of the phase a report has been developed describing the current situation of the European clusters and the skills needs towards smart clusters prepared to foster Industry4.0. This report acts as a starting point for the definition of the learning outcomes planned in Phase 2 and onwards.

The comprehensive report is expected to have a high impact in the European cluster network in  to know their needs and future ways to face industry4.0 and be able to give support to their members. The key-study1 will be uploaded to the public library of the European Cluster Observatory, thus will get the attention of target groups and stakeholders about Cluster4Smart project around Europe. The impact will be increased as the key-report will have a brief report with main conclusions in the consortium languages: English, French, Spanish and Hungarian.