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Explore the Cluster4Smart development process

In accordance with the needs identified in Phase 1, training paths need to be designed to reflect the core knowledge progression schem, as well as training modules and their units to address the specific needs for cluster managers and regional developers. At the moment there is no elaborated methodology to teach subjects and concepts expected in the Cluster4Smart project in an online training course. Moreover, Cluster4 Smart is establishing new learning outcomes in relation with management, internationalization and entrepreneurship.

In order to achieve this, the partnership starts with laying down the general directives of the Joint Curriculum, taking into consideration all requirements needed in the Qualification Frameworks of the countries involved as well as the ECVET and EQF recommendations. Thus, the main objective of Phase 2 is to define and describe the learning outcomes of the Cluster4Smart training course, and group them in units or modules.

The course is divided up into several interconnected e-learning modules, which can be studied as a whole or separately. This model takes into account the target users’ needs and regimes, which have already been documented and verified in the previous phases and who are verifying the platform and the training course in Phase 4. The actual contents and format are shaped in the course of the Joint Curriculum development and resulted in the following 4 main Modules:

  • Module 1: Cluster Strategy and Value Chain Management
  • Module 2: Innovation Management
  • Module 3: Cluster Management and Communication Techniques
  • Module 4: International Collaboration