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Explore the Cluster4Smart development process

Using the Joint Curriculum developed in the previous phase as a foundation, all the necessary didactic materials for the learning units are delivered now: lecture materials such as handouts, slides and videos; proposed learning activities and practices; recommended reading lists; exams and tests and so on.

The development activities for the different Modules and Lessons run in parallel and only the partners that are experts in the subject are involved in the tasks for each one. Contents Teams are set up for the different Modules and each team involves experts or professionals to cover all the knowledge and expertise and also reach the opinion and suggestions of the different associated partners. Several pedagogical tools were applied during producing the lessons to make it even more explicit and interesting:

  • Course presentation video, 
  • Course presentation document,
  • Motion design video,
  • Case study,
  • Augmented infography,
  • Toolsheets,
  • Quizz,
  • Short text, Pictures.