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Founded in 2009, AMUEBLA is a Group of stakeholders working together to address needs in the furniture and habitat sector, representing the interests of important furniture firms from the Mediterranean area. It is a non-profit association, characterized as a combination of companies, research and training centres, public and private, involved in collaborative exchange processes, aimed at obtaining advantages and benefits derived from the execution of innovative projects. AMUEBLA is considered the furniture industry and related sectors Cluster of Murcia Region. It is registered in the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and has got the Bronze Cluster Certification.

The purpose of AMUEBLA is facilitated innovative practices to improve the competitiveness of partners companies, to defend its general business interests, and promote its projection and international visibility.

It is a structured and interrelated industrial sub-sector. That it ensures their competitiveness and visibility in the market. AMUEBLA has more than 80 companies, with 2500 employees.

AMUEBLA represents the interests of important furniture firms from the Mediterranean area, the partnership also involves two Higher Education entities (University of Murcia and Technical University of Cartagena), the Technical Research Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM) and public bodies (Murcia´s Regional Development Agency and Regional Association of Woodworking Entrepreneurs).

The main activities are based on the promotion of joint actions between the companies and the establishment of convergent and common strategies in ambiences of innovation, environmental management and training activities, among others.

The involvement of this Cluster in this Strategic Partnership is directly linked with AMUEBLA´s 2014-2017 Strategic Plan, which is focused on the training and skills needs of the sector, together with the internationalisation of their members and the cluster itself, new business channels, product innovation and alternative management strategies. 

In this way, nowadays AMUEBLA coordinates an Erasmus+ KA2 project, GPP-FURNITURE, to help SMEs of the furniture sector to be prepared to the incoming Green Public Procurements. AMUEBLA
also takes part as partner in other Eramus+ project, BOSS4SME, to develop the Online Sales Manager profile in order to push cross-border sales in the furniture sector.

Besides of these projects, AMUEBLA has also participated in a Leonardo project, ECO4VET, for the improvement of VET related to Ecodesign and Sustainable Production in the Furniture Sector. In addition AMUEBLA has been involved in other Europeans projects by CETEM, as a partner of AMUEBLA. It has collaborated assisting to meetings, checking content and supporting them, and in dissemination tasks. Ecomovel, Ecosign and VETAAL are examples of projects where AMUEBLA has taken part during their development. Apart of those projects AMUEBLA has also been involved in the dissemination of Next1Koat and Ecopresswood projects, examples of good practices for the compliance of the Cluster4Smart project requirements.

Related with Cluster4Smart project, AMUEBLA has developed in a national way different initiatives to improve its strategy and the knowledge of SMEs in new and advance technologies in general:


  • AMUEBLA LEAN: improvement of production processes in the furniture sector through lean methodologies.
  • CHAIN OF CUSTODY: to provide companies the knowledge to perform the proper procedures for documenting the possession of the Chain of Custody in the furniture market.
  • -INNOVATIVE: The purpose of this project was transmit companies a correct methodology in order to incorporate different materials in the process of develop new product like a tool for innovation in the furniture sector.

In addition AMUEBLA has a strong network of contacts with cluster around Europe due to its numerous project where is directly involved or participad with its own resources. Some of the contacts are furniture clusters from Spain (Associacio Agrupacio Moble Innovador de Catalunya) or abroad (Transylvanian Furniture Cluster); and also from other sectors (Romian Textile Cluster or Cluster Smart Cities of Murcia Region). In addition AMUEBLA has been represented in the last European Cluster Conference, hold in Brussels on December 2016.