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ArchEnerg was established in 2007 with the aim of creating an economic and social model based on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency that moves green economy enterprises and society towards a more sustainable future. ArchEnerg International Renewable Energy and Building Trade Cluster won the certificate of “Accredited Innovation Cluster” all times. It is now a leading cluster in the renewable energy and building sector with extended network with other similar clusters in the Central and Eastern European region. It has 75 SME members and three large enterprises and one academic institution: the University of Szeged. It has gained Gold Cluster Management Excellence benchmark in 2015 from the European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis. The number of its members is growing perpetually.

The focus areas of the Cluster:

  • Renewable energy
  • Building industry
  • Project management, research and training
  • Environment protection, ensuring sustainability
  • Organization and process development innovation

During its operation, the Cluster has developed an extensive activity network with the primary task of supporting members involved in the strategic industrial sectors. The Cluster has more than 50 strategic collaboration agreements. The Cluster assistance includes infrastructure development, advocacy, marketing and generation of interest for products and services. The Cluster offers complex services, such as training and curriculum design, project generation, cluster marketing, searching for financial solutions, tender and call for proposal watch, partner search, requirements and needs assessment, trainings and lectures. ArchEnerg also aims to increase public awareness about renewable energy and energy efficiency. The thematic areas of the cluster are: planning, implementing joint projects and gaining investment permissions related to energy efficiency and renewable energies such as geothermal energy, thermal energy, solar collectors, solar heating, heat pump and biogas systems, biomass furnaces; construction products and services, electric works, insulation, doors and windows, energy efficient lighting systems; feasibility studies, return calculations, energy audit and recommendations on energy consumption improvement.

Having a few successful national and international projects completed so far, the Cluster aims to further develop by integrating the inquiries and requests from external partners and improving the relations between its members, with the aid of new business partnerships and joint projects to internationalize. By this, the Cluster intends to spread the usage of environmentally friendly services and developments and contribute to kind of standardisation in the area of sustainable business innovation.

Services offered by and thus exchanged among or jointly implemented by the Cluster members:

  • Solar energy utilisation: installation of photovoltaic and solar systems
  • Geothermal energy utilisation: installation of heat-pump systems
  • Biomass utilisation, compact biomass
  • Prefabricated and passive houses
  • Building and construction industry, engineering
  • Consulting, preparing feasibility studies, preparation for audits, consultation on tenders and project opportunities

rchEnerg is an accredited innovative cluster with a gold Cluster Excellence Management label providing cluster management training, networking and collaboration opportunities to other clusters in the Central and Eastern European region through:

  • its ongoing projects
  • organisation, participation and representation at workshops, national and international conferences
  • project generation in collaboration with stakeholders from research and academic sides through innovation actors to the corporate sector
  • awareness raising events directed to its SME and other members


Relevant projects of ArchEnerg:

  • PROMOCLUS (2007-2013) – Promoting the establishment of renewable energy clusters.  Partner: in Romania Diaszpóra Foundation (Timisoara).
  • INTERREGCLUSTER (2010-2013) – Inside the cluster – beyond the border, Cross-border cluster collaboration for the development of economic cooperation: To establish a network and platform of clusters.  Partner: Hungarian Business Association in Romania.

COSMENERG – Cluster Excellence (2016-2018), to generate added-value services for the involved 5 cluster organisations' SME members and support their growth and competitiveness through identifying the type of services generating the greatest added-value and delivering these services in the most effective manner. The total number of SME members involved is 294.